Monday, January 24, 2011

Monica Roccaforte, Wikipedia

In recent years, scientists around the world have been warning of the possible bee extinction if we continue pouring the environment, toxic to them (and us) such as pesticides .
The apid (Apidae) are a family of Hymenoptera Apocrita , constitute a large group of bees that includes the or domestic honeybee (the best known), to stingless bees, the orchid bees , the parasitic bees , the bumblebees and carpenter bees and other lesser known groups.
All parasitic species in particular are excellent eusocial pollinators because they visit many flowers when nectar collect pollen and therefore help to maintain biodiversity, not only among plants but also between animals that depend on them.

From different points of the globe are launching civil actions that do review of legislation countries in order to arrive in time for another mass extinction caused by human action.
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